A special place to visit in Normandy,
situated between Caen and Bayeux

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La Ferme de Billy, a brand, a place and a family spirit: authenticity, conviviality, respect for nature and the traditions of Normandy du terroir where everyone, young and old, is welcome.

La Ferme de Billy is as well known to locals for its apple juice and cider… as it is for its countryside setting and brunch. Come and discover the estate, its orchards, its cider-making workshops, its storehouse… A unique and enchanting setting, open to the public.

Located in the heart of the town of Rots, La Ferme de Billy has become a real centre district in the village… and on Google maps! Don’t panic if your GPS doesn’t work. When you arrive in Rots, you will find it without any problems. It is well sign posted! And everyone in the village knows us!

a setting steeped in history

A country setting you just want to walk around. A small wood crossed by a river, the Mue, where our donkeys like to stroll: Kaline, Margot, Pomme and Muscade. A merry band of girls who are an integral part of the family. Always ready for a little caress here and there or to pose for the your photos. Children just adore them!

And in the middle of the green meadow with its tall apple trees and surrounded by wide expanses of agricultural crops, lies La Chapelle de l’Ortial, or Ortial chapel, and has been since the end of the 13th century (1291). The current building is a modest and rustic one and s entirely Gothic, dating from the end of the 13th century. The population used to call it “Chapelle Saint-Siméon” and the name of l’Ortial was given in the 19th century.

It is a small jewel of Gothic art and is listed in the supplementary inventory of Historic Monuments by decree of 4 October 1932. According to the Regional Director of Cultural Affairs, “The arched bell tower that crowns the openwork western gable with a bay at the third point is one of the very rare examples of this type of bell tower that still exists in Normandy“. It is just waiting for you to be discovered!

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Art set in stone

La Ferme de Billy, a natural setting that invites you to stroll. A peaceful place that invites you to take a break. A natural space that lends itself ideally to the discovery of new experiences.

Olivier and Guillaume are not only passionate about cider apples, they are also keen on art. They discovered the world of contemporary art first in New York. They had the opportunity to exhibit their creations in New York, Paris, St Rémy de Provence… Today the estate offers them a perfect playground that they love to share with other artists.

La Chapelle de l’Ortial also regularly opens its doors to artists to exhibit their works or installations. The Ortial association, created by Henri “the patriarch”, regularly organises events, concerts or exhibitions open to the general public to bring the place to life and also to finance the renovation work.

a location to visit

La Ferme de Billy opens its doors to everyone… Sole-travellers, those with family, friends or in a group, come and discover or re-discover our homemade products and what makes “The spirit of Billy”.

Free of charge visits
A countryside walk around the property during opening hours. You will be able to visit the estate with its orchards, its chapel and the cellars of old barrels.
At the end of your visit, if you feel like it, the shop is open from Monday to Friday, entrance on the courtyard through 29bis. You will be able to discover our products and a selection of local Made in Normandy products. Ok we promise to reveal all to you about our little secrets (the right cider-meal combinations, easy cocktail recipes…). 

Guided tour – starting only from 20 people + – prior reservation is required. Discover the estate and its orchards. And also behind the scenes of the making of our ciders and calvados. A technical visit of the cider house and the old cellars the cider house and old cellars, to discover all (or almost all) of our manufacturing secrets. Then take a gourmet break with a little tasting of our production, of course!

Duration of the guided tour + tasting: 1H30 – available in French-English
Tour Rates are available on request – +33 2 31 26 28 53

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