Cider, a family tradition well and truly Norman

a village in Normandy

La Ferme de Billy in Normandy, Calvados. Rots, a small village in the heart of Calvados, in the plain of Caen, at the gateway to the Bessin, a land of cereals and apples.

1651, Jacques de Billy. From as far back as archives and history enthusiasts can enlighten us.  A date engraved in the stone of the house in the heart of the estate, an historic thatched roofed house, which belonged to the Billy family at the time.

Since then, it has been in the family for 5 generations. Initially shepherds, the profession of shepherding the land remains in the family from father to son. It was in the 1930s that the estate took on its present size, when René Vauvrecy, father of Henri – the grandfather – acquired, the farm and its adjoining land, with his wife Florise, as well as the Chapelle de l’Ortial.

producer, harvester and cider maker

The coming together of René de la Plaine de Caen and Florise du Pays d’Auge or the Auge region of Calvados brought about the birth of 3 children. It was Henri, the son, who took over the farm, as tradition so has it.

The cider apple has naturally become an integral part of farm life. No meal in Normandy would be complete without homemade cider. A popular beverage that quenches the thirst of the workers on the land, after a hard day’s work in the fields.

In the 1980’s, Henri diversified cereal growing and decided to plant new apple trees to develop the cider activity.
And in doing he officially introduced the profession of cider grower into the family history.

a story of men

La Ferme de Billy offers a complete range of cider products that contains all the values and know-how inherited from a long Norman family history in its juices.

And today Olivier and Guillaume, who, each in their own field of activity, are committed to bringing the family heritage to life and modernising it. Olivier, is the family’s cider producer, and manages the cider and agricultural estate. While Guillaume is at the head of the restaurant business with his now famous Brunch. And Henri, the patriarch, keeps a watchful eye over the grain!

La Ferme de Billy is a small production team working in the respect of Norman traditions. And for the past two years, Aymeric has come on board to join this great adventure to develop the activity of the estate with Olivier. As fans of high quality products, they both have at heart to enhance the family history. Their audacity, expertise and talent are acclaimed by consumers and are frequently rewarded by the profession.



between tradition and modernity

Proud of their roots, men of the earth, it can be said that the Vauvrecy people remain deeply attached to the Normandy soil. They are passionate about cider and all that follows from it and enthusiastically defend the heritage handed down from their family history.

As true Vikings, always conquering new territories, they drink new ideas and encounters made, either in Normandy or elsewhere, during their travels around the world. This twist between Norman tradition and universal modernity is the “je ne sais quoi” that makes the Vauvrecy family so original today.

The project is to extend the brand’s influence beyond the borders of Normandy, through curiosity and creativity. To give traditional cider-making know-how a boost and to help people in Paris, Amsterdam, New York… discover just how good Normandy cider apples really taste and are resolutely in tune with the times!