La Ferme de Billy apple juices

Classic apple juice – 1L



  • 100% squeezed pure fruit juice

  • from cider apples
  • no added water
  • no additives
  • no preservatives
  • with the “real apple taste”.

Our best-seller, multi-medialist, which has been acclaimed by our most loyal customers.


A clear juice with a beautiful ochre colour.
A sweet taste with “a slightly acidic touch, consistant and round in the mouth.”


  • Excellence Prize 2020 at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris
  • Gold medal 2020, 2019, 2017 et 2007 and bronze 2018 at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris
  • Gold medal 2015 at Concours St Jean des Cidres

Apple Basil – 33cl

“When the tart sweetness of apple meets the aromatic notes of fresh basil

The Apple-basil, an unexpected and explosive refreshung taste.

A made in Normandy creation
born from the cold infusion of natural basil in our apple juice.

It accompanies the meal and creatively enhances a meat – sautéed duck filet mignon of lamb – fruit, orange or strawberry salad. To be enjoyed well chilled.


“Pomme Amour” – 33cl

In 2019, our little “33” apple juice has entered the big league by taking its place in the mini-bars in the rooms of the famous Palace on Place Vendôme – Ritz-Paris hotel.

“Pomme Amour”, our apple juice in a 33cl bottle, ready to take everywhere!
It’s small size doesn’t compromise on flavour.
A “real apple taste” with its sweet and pleasantly tart notes, made in Normandy.
Perfect for spending quality time with friends at home or at the bar…

Sparkling apple juice- 33cl

A sparkling apple juice “this is a kind of our cider… without the alcohol”!

All the soft and sweet flavours of a made in Normandy apple juice with fresh fizzy bubbles.

Being alcohol-free, it is ideal for children and pregnant women.

Available in a glass bottle with screw cap “ready to drink everywhere!”
A small pack format ideal for your aperitif or for a pleasant moment with friends, at home or on a café terrace.

Apple Mint – 33cl

 Apple-mint, “the moment when fresh mint merges with the cider apple”.

An unexpected and surprising taste combining the richness of our cider apples with a refreshing and delicately spicy hint of natural mint. For those who love to mix things up, ideal for cocktails.

A fresh and very Norman mint patiently cold infused in our apple juice.

As a snack or for a meal, it also spices up your summer salads, fruit salads and chocolate desserts.

Apple Raspberry – 33cl

The Apple-Raspberry, “the moment when the raspberry passionately merges with the apple”.

An unexpected taste combining the richness of our cider apples with the delicately tangy notes of natural raspberries,

A raspberry puree, cold mixed in our apple juice for a made in Normandy creation.

The Apple-Raspberry creatively accompanies your snacks and aperitifs, to attract young and old alike


Apple Rhubarb – 33cl

The Apple-rhubarb or “the moment when the rhubarb boldly fuses with the apple”.

A surprising taste combining the richness of our cider apples with the sweet and tangy flavour of rhubarb.

For those who love to mix things up, ideal for cocktails.


Apple juice “Fraîcheur”- 1L

A tangy taste and fresh apple juice for those curious souls in search of new and out-of-the ordinary flavours.

“A clear juice, with an elegant light yellow colour.

Subtly acidic notes with very tonic chords, ideal for cocktails.”

And that’s why, for more than 10 years now, Colin Field, the world-renowned barman from the Bar Hemingway at the Ritz Paris, has been placing his trust in us, to compose the famous coktail Serendipity or « France in a glass », the nickname given by its creator.

“Hot apple cider” – 1L

The juice for “hot apple cider”, from fresh apple must to cider, bottled just before it starts fermentation and becomes cider.
A deliciously fruity and fragrant drink with the comforting flavours of apple cider, which, once heated and seasoned with spices, is perfect for warming up on chilly winter days – or evenings. For the young and old alike*.

Our recipe :

  • for 1 litre of juice for “hot apple cider”
  • bring gently to the boil and leave to infuse for 5 minutes,
  • serve hot and drink in small sips..
  • That’s it, this sweet beverage is ready to drink!
    *and nothing prevents you from adding a little calvados, it’s really refreshing!

Classic apple juice – BIB 5L

Our best-selling apple juice is also available in a 5-litre family pack size*

  • The BIB is an ultra-practical pack format, – with its juice fountain purer, for grown-ups and little ones.

  • its isothermal inner pouch, well protected from air and light, ensures a long conservation life of up to 3 months after opening (natural apple juice without any preservatives)

  •  its ultra-resistant cardboard pack is recyclable.

  •  which is equipped with a carrier handle.

Perfect for spending good times with  family or friends: breakfast, barbecues, birthday snacks…

* also available in 3 litre packs to fit into smaller refrigerators.. 


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